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Canadian Nationals - QC
Canadian Nationals - QC
Fencing Camp - RMC


Axis Fencing

Axis Fencing Club (AXF) was founded by Yaojiang Huang, two time Olympian and world-class athlete. We are committed to creating a top-tier fencing club through a unique combination of physical and technical training, as well as competitive experience. Students at AXF not only have fun, but develop self-esteem, discipline, perseverance, and social skills. We promote a healthy, active lifestyle, which has numerous physical and mental benefits, and the character our students build at AXF stays with them throughout their lives. Our coaches are always striving to help the students nurture their fencing abilities, and beyond that, support them in any way possible. We care very deeply about the future of our students and our sport, and it is our goal to share the passion we hold for the beautiful sport of fencing and help our students in their personal growth.

Dating back to ancient times, the sword and the sport of fencing has certainly come a long way. The sword as we now know it was developed in Turkey during the Bronze Age, and was originally little more than an elongated dagger. This modest weapon would change the course of human history and cause the rise and fall of great empires spanning continents. As history and technology progressed, swords evolved to become stronger, lighter, and better designed. Swords were made from bronze, copper, tin, and iron before we began smelting steel, which is what fencing blades today are made of.

The ability to wield a weapon was historically necessary for survival, used to defend one’s life. However, swordplay quickly evolved to become more than just that. The earliest records we have of matches for the sport dates back to 1190 BC in Ancient Egypt, making modern fencing the heir of a 3000 year old legacy. Records of fencing also exist in Ancient China, Greece, Rome, India, Persia, and many other ancient civilizations. Modern fencing was born during the Renaissance period in Europe. Technology has revolutionized the sport since then, with electric wires, timers, and sensors elevating the level of speed and precision but most importantly, resolving the concern regarding safety. Today, fencing is ranked as one of the safest sports around. 

About Fencing

AXF specializes in sabre, the weapon with the fastest play out of the three weapons in fencing (foil, sabre, and epee), therefore requiring both mental and physical speed. Fencers must be able to carefully observe their opponents and make split-second decisions, potentially changing their original tactics and formulating an entirely new plan for the bout. Consequently, it improves the athlete’s agility, reflexes, and decision-making skills and on top of that, fencing requires that the athlete be able to use these skills under a great deal of pressure. This mental discipline and stability is a huge part of the sport. Regardless of whether you are leading or behind in points, if you are attacking or defending, a clear head is absolutely imperative to winning that next point. Professional fencers will often react extremely passionately after winning a point, but are completely focused during play, setting aside all their emotions in order to focus on every single detail.

Another effect of this speed is that sabre is usually the most exciting weapon to watch. For this reason, sabre is used in movies, such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Zorro, and other media types when depicting sword fights to captivate audiences.

What is Sabre?

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